5 Bills which you should pay online and why

In the past, paying utility bills was quite a task. Apart from the fear of missing the due date of the bill payment, you had to sacrifice your lunch hour to brave long queues at bill payment outlets. Thanks to technology and the growing digitization of services, you can now pay most of your utility bills online.

Today, the market has experienced a surge in digital transactions in India which has led to many companies taking to online bill payment methods. Last two years have witnessed the launch of many mobile-friendly and secure payment options. In this article, we will take a look at which five bills you can pay online. We will also discuss the benefits of online bill payments.

What bills can be paid online?

Generally, utility bills can create considerable paper clutter. Since these bills are extensive, it’s difficult to keep a physical record of them. Therefore, opting foronline bill payment comes is a time-saving decision which you can make. Here are five utility bills which you ought to pay online.

  • Water bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Phone
  • Gas
  • Credit card

Why should you pay bills online?

Generally, there are three ways to make an online bill payment – through your bank, on the biller’s site, and with a third-party bill payment service. Each of these methods come with their set of advantages and disadvantages. However, which method you choose depends entirely on your personal preferences.

Below, we have compiled some of the benefits of opting for online bill payment. Read on.

It’s safe, fast, and easy:

Online bill payment method is much faster and more convenient than the check-and-stamp method. It also helps you eliminate any procrastination towards bill payments. With the online bill payment method, you can set up monthly payments through your bank. This automated method pays your bill monthly on the pre-defined date, which helps you skip any late fees.

While there is an ounce of fear of online hacking and theft that comes with it, there is also the benefit that you have a better recourse in case of any transactional dispute.

Declutter your desk:

Online bill payments should be your best bet if you tend to forget due dates. It declutters your finances and makes more space on your desk by eliminating all of the paperwork. Sure, it takes a bit of set-up time, but, once it’s done, you can easily manage your bills, they’re payments, and keep a record of the finances every month.

It saves time:

Another benefit of online bill payment is the time-saving factor. Given our busy schedules and hectic timetables, we tend to avoid opting for anything that’s time-consuming. Online bill payment is an excellent way to save the time you spend on your finances

It’s environmentally friendly:

Along withthe above points, opting for online bill payments also helps you do your part to preserve the Earth’s resources by not generating paperwork. It also saves you some cash since there are no paper bills involved.

We hope the above points have helped you understand why you need to opt for online payments and manage your bills and finances in a more efficient way.

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