Anti-Theft Tips for Two-Wheeler Owners Working From Home

The global pandemic has brought several changes in our lives. Some of which include being restricted at our homes to stay safe from the infection. You might not want to spend on things apart from necessities. One such expense that most people will defer is an insurance cover for your bike.

While your bike is stationary in your parking space, you might wonder why you need insurance at such a time? This is the time when thefts might occur, and you wouldn’t want it to happen. So why not take necessary safety measures and opt for bike insurance? Some insurers have introduced usage basis insurance policies to get you the required protection while you stay safe indoors.

So let us look at a few tips that can help you in protecting your bike –

Cover your Bike

Parking slots in residential societies are hard to find with the increasing number of vehicles per household. This makes it challenging to keep your bike protected at all times under a shed. In case you park your bike in the open, there is a chance of theft. To avoid such a situation, it is recommended that you add a cover to your bike. In case you have an expensive motorcycle, make sure you put on a regular cover to prevent the motorcycle from standing out of the crowd.

Invest in a Steering Lock

Steering lock is a unique safety tool apart from the usual ignition lock. A steering lock will prevent the handlebar of your motorcycle from turning, making it difficult to be stolen. Earlier, steering locks used to be a separate function from the ignition lock. Now they both are integrated within the same lock. In such a case, if the thief tries to break open the steering lock, and in the process damages the ignition wires, the vehicle will not start.

Install an Alarm system

As rare as it may sound, bikes do have an alarm system. Most manufacturers do not provide one, but you can get one installed. An alarm system can alert nearby people indicating a theft. Some advanced alarm systems have in-built GPS that indicate even the movement of your vehicle on your smartphones. Investing in a good alarm system always helps.

Set-up a Disc Lock

A disc lock is the one where the brakes of your vehicle are jammed so that it cannot be moved from one place to another. This makes it more difficult for the thieves to steal your bike. A good quality disc lock will ensure your bike stays safe at all times when unsupervised.

Avail a Bike Insurance policy

Although a motor insurance policy is mandated by law, it essentially adds safety in case of such theft. Comprehensive bike insurance offers coverage against theft as well. The insurer in case of such theft pays the policyholder the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle indemnifying for the loss.

Park in well-lit areas

In case you do not find a secure parking space, ensure you park your bike in places where there is adequate light during the day and even at night. Also ensure the place where you park your motorcycle is covered by security cameras, if any.

In case you have a two wheeler insurance renewal due in the coming period, make sure you do not miss it while taking other anti-theft measures.

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