Discover The Benefits Of Energy Management For Sanitation Companies

Energy from e360 Power alternative investment Management Company for instance is considered to be one of the most important inputs for sanitation companies, setting millionaire annual costs for these large consumers. Thus, to reduce these expenses and improve energy management, one of the biggest challenges for these water and sanitation companies is to standardize all energy consumption readings of their consumer units.

Currently, expenses with electricity represent an average of 12.2% of companies’ expenses. In some cases, they usually reach 23.8% of the water and sewage treatment costs, thus being the second largest expense of these companies.

It has become essential for sanitation to carry out energy management correctly, even more so with the numerous benefits that this management can provide. Meet some of them:

Discover The Benefits Of Energy Management For Sanitation Companies

 Budgeting – The opportunity to prepare more accurate medium and long-term budgets is just one of the benefits that energy management can provide for your company. Having defined a forecast of future expenses closer to reality helps plan the company’s actions.

Consumption profile analysis – You can know your consumption profile with energy management. Make better contracts to purchase energy, evaluate the adequacy of the demanding contract, and carry out the tariff framework for the modality with the most significant benefit.

Reduction of expenses – Through computerized systems necessary for energy management, it is possible to reduce expenses. These systems aim to control losses and enable the company to deal with failures in the supply and pumping of water. For this, equipment is installed that monitors the control of water losses, alerting operators whenever necessary. By using this type of equipment, you generate savings by not using energy to pump water that will not be used.

Greater investment potential – Efficient energy management can also generate greater investment potential. Since the government usually gives preference to sanitation companies that improve the control, reach, and quality of their services.

Solar Energy

This solution is not considered practical or cheap, but it has become an alternative that is increasingly closer to our reality. However, with the increase in the number of companies interested in joining solar energy, the cost of this technology is decreasing more every day. Therefore, depending on the size of your company, this can be an exciting alternative and should be analyzed, especially for the payback time of this investment.

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