How does the process of Car Insurance Claim begin?

Just like health care insurance claim process comes with two major claim process, similarly car insurance often has the same claim process with a different conceptual approach. It is again a contractual document. The car insurance claiming process includes:

  • Car Insurance cashless claiming process
  • Car Insurance reimbursement claiming process

Car Insurance Cashless Claims:

Cashless car insurance comes with various benefits. In cashless car insurance claiming process, the insurer is not liable to pay the repair and maintenance costs of a car. The garage networks will pass the billing document and evident voucher to the insurance company. The company will analyse the voucher and accordingly settle the reimbursement claims with the garage networks. All the amount of repairs will be deducted out of the car insurance policy at large.

Car Insurance Reimbursement Claims:

Car Insurance Reimbursement Claims comes into existence when the insurer do not want to get the car repair within the networked area. In such case, he repairs its car at other than networked garage within the stated terms and conditions. Later on, the insurer itself submit all the bills and records with the insurance company. In return, the company will re-assure the bills and if all works on good note, it will pass the claim and will reimburse for the damages caused. You can also analyse the comprehensive car insurance offers with iSelect. They are best with unique features and special benefits.

How to claim for the Cashless Car Insurance Policy?

Here discussed are the special steps to claim for cashless car insurance policy without any additional hassle. It includes:

Registration for claiming the cashless car insurance

Firstly, get your cashless claim with the help of a toll-free number or registered it using online portal or mobile application.

Registered unique number

Once the cashless claim is being registered, the insurer or the policy holder will receive message decoded with the claim registered numbers. Every insurer has its own unique number of identification.

Connecting Proof of Damage with Garage Networks

After that, the policy insurer has to take the pictures of damage vehicle and connect the garages that are stated within the insurance network. They are liable to prepare the bill of repairs and maintenance and pass it to the respective insurance company.

Insurance on the part of Dealer:

It refers with contacting the dealer who will perform on the behalf of policy holder. He will handle all the process of buying and renewing the car insurance policy at helm. A dealer will be responsible to consider several car Insurance plans, compare and analyse it and select the best of all that matches with the need of policy holder. In fact, in case of damage or theft to a car, the dealer can act as a policy holder and can register the claim of settlement.

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