The Games That Are Making Crypto Mainstream and How to Play Them

If you’re a gamer, then here’s some good news: you can now earn and use cryptocurrencies while playing online games. Cryptocurrencies are now being accepted in the online gaming space, since 75% of online gamers prefer to utilize these assets as a payment method on digital platforms. These digital assets are also advantageous for in-app purchases in online games because the transactions are safe and instantaneous.

But aside from accepting cryptocurrency payments, online games allow skilled players to earn digital assets. This gives you a chance to gain additional income as a cryptocurrency investor, especially if the price of your digital asset is favorable to the market conditions. So if you want to earn or use cryptocurrencies in online gaming, here are the games that you need to check out:

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity quickly rose into popularity because of its P2E (play to earn) system. By implementing blockchain technology into its system, players can get compensated for collecting virtual creatures that represent NFTs. Its play-to-earn system is incredibly popular, with cryptocurrency rewards for dedicated players.

If you want to increase your profits from this game, focus on competing against other players through the Arena mode instead of collecting the creatures. As you’re battling it out, you need to keep track of the Axie Infinity cards that are handed out to you so that you can gauge which cards your opponent can potentially play in each round. By tracking their cards and counting their energy levels, you can make informed decisions that will help you win NFTs and much more.


CoinPoker aims to be a pioneer in the online gaming industry by offering an increased transparency, as well offering the USDT stablecoin as the main currency (although players can also withdraw their balance in BTC and ETH). This online game uses a decentralized software so that players can check the fairness of the card shuffling for each round. The platform aims to apply to new and veteran online gamers alike.

You can increase your chances of earning digital assets by following key strategies for winning at poker. If you’re just starting out, avoid playing too many weak hands and starting hands to limit your risk of losing your earnings. Once you’ve got a better grip of the gameplay, increase your chances of winning cryptocurrency by playing a balanced range with your bluffs and value hands.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

You can now mint and utilize digital assets by playing the video game Ghost Recon Breakpoint. Players must reach level five of the video game to be able to mint and claim NFTs. Upon owning these tokens, players can opt to sell them over a secondary platform or swap their NFTs for in-game items. Players can also earn proof of stake privacy coins called Ghost Coins to buy in-game assets.

But if you haven’t reached level five yet, you can get ahead by maximizing your drone to look for potential threats and weapons. Since this is a military shooter game, you have to maximize your tools so that you can spot your enemies before they get to you.

The Sandbox

If you want to practice your investment skills, then you can refine your real estate knowledge and earn NFTs while playing The Sandbox. This decentralized game uses blockchain technology to help users sell plots of virtual land. In 2020, The Sandbox was able to sell more than 10,000 sections of virtual real estate, which is actually equivalent to 1,300 Ethereum coins.

Since The Sandbox is optimistic about selling more virtual real estate, you can try your hand at the game by investing in a plot of land. You can earn more money from this land by leasing it to others or by combining your plots to build an estate.


These online games allow you to enjoy the sweet taste of victory not just through in-game trophies, but actual cryptocurrency. Not only are these crypto games a fun and creative option for earning money— they’re also proof that cryptocurrency is becoming more mainstream than ever.

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