What is a Commercial Fleet Insurance & How It Works?

Getting insurance for every vehicle plying is a legal requirement in the UK. If you own a fleet, you must consider getting single commercial fleet insurance for all of your vehicles rather than having multiple policies.

What is a Commercial Fleet Insurance policy?

As earlier mentioned, motor fleet insurance is a mendatory requirement in the UK for all vehicles that run on the road. It is a type of policy where multiple commercial vehicles are covered under a single policy. It is especially for those who own a commercial fleet.

Why Does your fleet require motor fleet insurance?

Having commercial fleet insurance is many advantages, especially if you have a consolidated policy. It makes it easy to manage vehicles, and it also saves a lot of money. Get cheap commercial fleet insurance now!

If your business has several vehicles, you will find cheap commercial fleet insurance a blessing. It eliminates the need to have resources that are used for managing individual insurance policies. Be it 10s, the 20s, 50s, 100s, or more vehicles, you can get choose and compare business fleet insurance for all of them at once. You need a policy otherwise it may expose vehicles, drivers, other road users, to risks.

How much does it cost to have a commercial fleet insurance policy?

Every business has different needs and operability, so, a lot of things determine the cost of a business fleet insurance. Generally, risk factors, insurance providers, the scale of usage, area of usage, etc. play a major role. Other factors include the type of vehicle to be insured, level of cover opted, the use of AI, etc.

If the fleet is in good condition and drivers have a clean record on road, then you can land a cheap commercial fleet insurance. The number of vehicles in your fleet, history of claims made by the company are some other factors that determine the cost of your new policy.

What are the different types of commercial fleet insurance cover?

A business or commercial fleet insurance policy generally offers similar coverage for all regular vehicles, introducing some custom features for only specific fleet purposes. The cover in a cheap motor fleet insurance may range from a third-party cover to a fully comprehensive cover.

The comprehensive cover is the most expensive and so the safest insurance cover. It will protect you against third-party damage, theft, and fire, and its damage. Commercial fleet insurance will cover vehicles like buses, trucks, cars, and vans. One can get quotes from different insurance companies for their specific needs.

Auto Liability: It covers injuries, damage to other people or their property if your vehicle/ driver is at fault in the accident.

Motor, Truck, Cargo: It covers liability on freight or commodity hauled by the truck. The commodity may have been damaged by fire, collision, etc.

Physical damage: Damaged caused by natural disasters, vandalism, theft, etc is covered in this category. It is to protect your fleet and your driver.

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