Understanding the major benefits of PayNow

With PayNow being one of the easy and convenient methods of transferring your funds, it also has some other perks to offer. You can also avail of cpf PayNow and enjoy its perks too. For now, let us explore more about some quick benefits of using PayNow. Are you all set to check out the article below?

What are some of the benefits offered by PayNow?

  • Receive funds: Once you have registered for PayNow, you get the flexibility of receiving funds. All you have to do is provide your NRIC or mobile number to the party that will send you the money. Remember that there is no need to give them your bank account number, branch name, or branch details.
  • Transferring funds: When you use PayNow, you can also transfer money to other individuals who have also been registered on this platform with either their mobile number or NRIC. It would be best to ask for any other details like their branch name or account number.

Well, the registration process on PayNow is pretty simple, and you can get that done in about 5 minutes or so. In case you are facing some major issues, you need to get in touch with your bank or check out their official website.

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